Recipe from Patrick Square Farmers Market

Veggie Cake

Seasonal Fresh Veggies  – ( for example: squash, kale, greens, onions, arugula basically whatever veggies are seasonal and ones you like)

Cold Rice

Bread Crumbs

Parmesan Cheese

Season to taste – salt, pepper, garlic, herbs

Mayo for Binding

Grate the veggies and sautee in a high quality olive oil.  Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Use enough mayo to bind.  Sautee in olive oil till brown.  Serve topped with a lemon caper sauce.

You can add sausage or ground beef if you like.

Please remember this “recipe” is a guide, you can add or subtract ingredients according to your taste.

Lemon Caper Sauce



Capers with a little Brine

Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients and top cakes as directed


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