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Timeline – How to plan an event (pdf)


Here at Friends Farm and Catering, we pride ourselves on making your event unlike any other. But before we can even begin to specialize your event to reflect who you are, we need to know a little about you and your event. If you would please take the time to answer the questions on our assessment form we will be much better equipped to serve you.

When hosting an event, there are lots of possible steps.  Although each event is different, some steps are universal to every party.  The How to Plan an Event outline is designed to help guide your way through creating an event. Keep in mind that not all things listed below will be applicable to every kind of event.

Catering – Your Place

With over 3000 events under our belt, we can produce an awesome event in most any location. From your home, to a pasture, a houseboat, island on the lake, new business, an office you name it, we have done it all. Catering off-premise requires a certain level of organization and experience, and we have spent the last 20 years developing that kind of experience. We will guide you through the planning process and assist you in having the most fun and successful event ever.

Catering – Our Place

Hosting a party in your home can be very stressful, and sometimes that is not what you to do.  When this is the case, we can host your event at our farm, and we have compiled a list of  venues in our area.  We can help you decide what venue will work best for your event.

Remember: “You invite the guests, we’ll do the rest!”